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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Starting out with some stash ....

Well I started the week by purchasing some hooks from purplelinda, just standard metal ones but a complete bargain for the price and, coincidentially, the same as the hook we had been given in our goodie bags at the crochet course.

Next, a schoolgirl error.  I picked up the only crochet mag I could find.  Bonus I thought, it's got six balls of wool on it, I can use them to practice on.  BIG mistake!  Awful awful acrylic wool! It split all over the place but I have managed to make something with it .. more on that later.

So, off the wool shop I went.  Now our local wool shop is a little, um, chaotic to say the least.  There is wool everywhere!  Shelves, floor, the cash desk, piles by the door, under the shelves .. it's great!  I wanted something a little better than I had but I wasn't quite ready for any sort of hand dyed proper posh wool.  So I picked up some purple varigated wool - acrylic again but sooo much nicer than what I had.  I also got myself a knitters needle to stitch things together.

Most exciting though, I treated myself to a gorgeous Lantern Moon hook case.  Here it is - 
Oh and even nicer, two Lantern Moon hooks, in a 4 and a 5, just to start with.  Of course, I fully intend to get a whole set!

Finally, I thought I ought to have some sort of book to refer to.  I can't get used to the English terminology so I went for this one, it looks a bit of fun and the author is American:

This is the good thing about getting a new hobby - all the lovely new stash you get to buy :-D

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  1. The Happy Hooker.... ROFL!!! on another picture it could mean something SOOOOOOO totally the opposite. ;)