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Thursday, 30 September 2010

So excited!!!

Just had to say, I've been accepted onto the HAED Our Friends SAL blog! I am so excited! I've just made my first post, I put up photos of Aurora and Vanity and I'll post a picture of FF88 when I swap over for the Sunny SAL which I think starts again tomorrow! OMG I'm a proper blogger now! :-D

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Catching up .. and giving up

This past week I have been back working on Aurora's Garden. I haven't done any stitching on her for quite a while but took the opportunity to do so with the HAED slow WIP stitchalong. There are some really odd colours in her face - like lime green! and her hair is quite bizarre too but they work. It's only when you stand back that you can see how it works. I'm really pleased with how much I got done, so here is a picture of her now:

Aurora's Garden as at 17 September 2010

Bad new this week though :-( I started to stitch again on Alice but I really wasn't happy with the coverage I was getting on the 25ct with one over one. There was just simply too much show through on all the dark colours, whereas usually this is only an occasional problem with black. So reluctantly I have decided to scrap her altogether for now. There is no point carrying on with her when everytime I look at her all I can see is the gaps :-( I can't face restarting her straight away so I am going to have a new start instead, something smaller to pick up and down between Vanity and the other SALs. So, I am going with Faces of Faery 88 by JBG. Purple again but quite a lot of large blocks of colours so hopefully she will stitch up quite quickly. I'm going to do her on 28ct this time, NO MORE 25ct for me!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It's been a long time baby ....

Well it has! Over a month since I last added anything to my blog .. not good.

It's been an odd sort of month stitchy-wise. I've either got loads or nothing done. I had a whole week where my stitchy bug just upped and left :-( by the end of that week the stress levels were sky high and I just had to get something done, even if it was just 10 stitches. I managed to stitch some of Sunny, making a start on that flower at last, and when I have been stitching I've been working pretty solidly on Vanity.

I got my first Q-Snaps this month too! I got an 8x8 set and wanted to try them out so I popped Aurora on them. She fits pretty good and I like the tension of them. Can't imagine using them on a bigger project though .. although I wonder if I can just rest them on my Needleneeds as I would any other frame? I guess so. I have to admit that is has been nice not being stuck behind a floorstand and being part of the family again .. I think that novelty will wear off soon enough!

I've also put Aurora into the SWIP SAL on the HAED BB this week so I'll work on her until Thursday and then rotate back to Vanity, although I might have a little go at Alice, not sure yet!

I have applied to join HAED Friends blog but that is full so luckily I have been accepted for the My First HAED blog. So, I will try and post on there, as well as here!

As I've been working on different things this month, here are all the update photos. I'll put up a photo of Aurora once the SAL is finished.

Sunny after the September 2010 SAL

Vanity as at 2 September 2010