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Thursday, 2 December 2010

A small breathing space

.. away from FF88 this week. Tomorrow the Board SAL starts again and I think I will make an early start on Sunny today to get away from the total disaster that is my Faery :-( I have started to prepare a new piece of fabby and I've ordered a couple of threads to restock what I used on the other one. So, I guess I'm 99% certain that I will restart her. I just can't face it yet. Hopefully having a week on Sunny will help.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Or maybe not ..

I've had another look at FF88 and I'm just not sure that I can live with it. Every time I look at her I can just see a huge muckup. Quite frankly, if I stitch on her for goodness knows how many more hours and still feel like that, then it will all have been a total waste of time. So, it's looking likely that I will restart :-( I've got some more of the lilac 28ct and I've ordered the two threads that I've already used a fair bit of. I'm off to see Harry Potter tonight so no stitching for me .. maybe a break away from it will help me decide what to do.