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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Something new ....

I signed up for a beginners crochet course.  Why?  Boredom, yes a little.  A need to to learn a new skill, yes.  Wanting something with a little more immediate finishes and portable than my stitching, definitely!  So I thought - crochet, why not.  I had seen all those cute little bugs and cupcakes that my fellow bloggers were making and I wanted to be able to make them too!

So, the crochet course.  Saturday 14 April 2012, the day I learnt to crochet.  I had had a little practise just with a scrap of yarn but I didn't even know what stitches I was doing.  I do now.  The crochet course was one of the most interesting and inspiring days I have had in a long time.  The teacher Honey-Lee was amazing!  She has been crocheting for 30 years and is so fast!  But it was her enthusiasm that was catching - she loves crochet!!  It was great to meet people who were 'into' crafting - I just don't seem to meet other crafters 'in real life'.  

We started with the basics, a cloth, using single and double crochet (I should add here that I have been taught the American terminology and it actually makes more sense to me!).  Ok, I unpicked it a few times but hey! there was the beginnings of a cloth!

Next, the granny square - hated by Honey-Lee - but I LOVE them!  I think it is their uniformness (is there such a word??) and I quite like that they are repetitive.  Then on to the start of a monster, well that was a bit of a disaster (too many increases so he was a bit wonky) but, it was a start.  Finally, we started a big project, a shawl.  I chose this one - Anna's shawl - so just basic single and double crochet but I bought some gorgeous purple wool to do it in.  I can't wait until I get a little better to make a start on it.

So, a busy day, but sooooo fab!  Oh and the food was great too, always a bonus :-)

*and yes, I wish I could claim that the fab blanket at the top of the page is mine - but no such luck!

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