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Friday, 27 April 2012

Some crochet wips

.. today, first up my funky scarf.  I started this for a bit of practise with my tension and stitches.  So, I chained 150 - using a no 4 hook and some fabulously bright Wendy Supreme luxury cotton DK - and did three treble crochet into each chain.  But I realised it was too short when I had got to the end so I did a bit of a bodge job and added another 150!  I will have to see how it turns out!

And second, my emerging pile of granny squares! You can see that the (acrylic) yarn is marbled and it varies from pinky-purple to a dark purple marl so it should look quite interesting once it is all put together.  I'm using my favourite No 5 hook for this one and I'm getting 9 squares from each 200g ball.  27 squares down, 63 to go!

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