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Monday, 11 July 2011

well, I am a busy blogger :-)

I must be a bit like a bus - nothing for ages then loads come along together :-D Lots of things have been happening for a change!

First my update for Curl Up after the July SAL. I have, at last, got through the worst of the decanter - whoop whoop! I can honestly say it was absolutely painful to stitch and I'm glad it's done. It took sooooo long to get through those columns. But now he is 5 columns done. Still nowhere near being on target but hopefully progress will be a bit faster now.

So now I am going back to Ophelia. She's been shouting at me for at least a week so once I had finished with Curl Up she went right back on the frame. I'm still stitching the first page, so lots and lots of black with the odd splash of dark green and dark grey!

I finally invested in a laying tool (one that sits on your finger) and I think it has helped with my tension which I was struggling with on the dark colours. I'm enjoying trying it out. I thought that it would be really annoying sat on your finger but tbh once it's been on for a few minutes, you don't even notice it.

I submitted my Porthole finish for the HAED reward program this week - such a fabulous and extremely generous scheme. You finish a HAED, send your pictures to Michele and she sends you a free chart! How amazing is that! I chose QS Dahlia by Hannah Lynn. Don't you just love those fizzy summer colours?

And, I won in the Fairy Day 2011 draw! I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened that thread and saw my name! I was expecting to congratulate the winners but I had won!!!! I got to chose a QS as my prize :-D I was trying to choose between Tag Alongs by Hannah Lynn and the QS of Amethyst Moon by Nene Thomas BUT the winner was:

QS Moonglow by Hannah Lynn!

I just love the tat on her back and the colours - purple of course and the colours in the moon are so cute!

Finally, it's my blogging birthday today! One whole year already since my first blog post :-D Thank you so much for reading my blog and here's to another stitchy year!

So that's it! More excitement than I can handle in a week that's for sure lol


  1. I love your choice of charts and congrats on one year of blogging

  2. Great progress. I LOVE the Hannah Lynns!

  3. So many joyous new :)
    Your stitching looks amazing, especially curl up is really lovely :)
    Congrats on winning the draw and on receiving those lovely charts! I'm looking forward to see your work on Ophelia!

  4. Wow you've had quite a week. Congrats on it all. I was one of the winners of the Fairy Day SAL too! And it happened exactly like you I logged in to check out what was going on with the progress of everyone and saw my name under yours and it was so so cool! I love your winning chart and congrats again! xo Alicia

  5. Gorgeous progress Jo! And congrats on the free charts! I sent in my TT Purple Dragon and got TT Kitten 2. It's so tiny to stitch!

    Happy blogging bday! =)