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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is so cool!


When I completed Porthole of Fantasy 1, I sent a photo of her to Jasmine as I thought she might like to see how she turned out. Well, I got a reply today and here it is (I'm pretty sure she won't mind me putting this here):

"Hey Jo!!

I was going through my ancient Spam folder and for some reason this was in here! =)

I wanted to thank you so much for sending this pic over - she looks awesome!!!

Hope your summer is going well!!


I really wasn't expecting her to reply so this was a great surprise and really made my day :-)


  1. She is very cool. She accepted my friendship on Facebook and always replies to comments and answers questions from all her fans, (and there area alot of us)that's probably why I like her art so much because it's created by a woman with a great heart. I'm hoping FOF88 will be my first HAED finish. Good luck with all your stitching this week. xo

  2. she seems so nice, indeed!
    Her artwork is stunning!
    You've done a great job with porthole, it's superb!

  3. She is lovely and always very generous with her time, I'm friends with her on Facebook and I always tag her in on my cross stitch progress when working on something of hers and she ALWAYS take the time to comment! Wonderful lady!!

  4. Oooo and before I forget Jo, if you stitch either of those Hannah Lynn ones that if you email her when you finish she will send you out an ACEO card of the design you stitched, or at least she did last year as when I finished Darcy, I sent her to Hannah and got a lovely ACEO card of Darcy in the post! Something to keep in mind though...... Ching Chou Kuik does it sometimes too, she sent me an ACEO card of Midnight Tender after I sent a copy of the finished peice to her!