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Monday, 4 July 2011

Half year total ...

For a bit of fun, we record our hours stitched each week - and then each month - on Bubble. It's really interesting to see just how much, or how little, stitching you manage to get done each week. My hours are noted each day in my stitching diary (where I also make notes about what I'm stitching that week and how it is going) and then posted on a Monday on Bubble.

As we are now halfway through the year (already! now where has the time gone?) I thought that I would post on here how I am doing so far. So, drum roll please, to the end of June I have stitched for 415 hours and 50 minutes!

I can't believe I've got that much done. Last year, from March to December (I didn't note January and February's hours) I managed 578 hours and 45 minutes so I am catching up on that one already!

Anyway back to stitching, this week is the year long SAL - so Curl Up again. Here is how I left him after the last SAL:
I am still in the nightmare that is the decanter :-( It took me 90 minutes to do just the first 10x10 block! So sloooow going but I will beat it LOL I am aiming to just get this one column done this week, so as not to put too much pressure on myself - I'll only get annoyed if I think I will do more and then not get it done!


  1. You really spent a lot of time crafting! And your work on curl up looks wonderful, it's worth the effort :)

  2. I love the idea about keeping track of how much time I spend stitching - can you tell me a bit more about "bubble" where you record yours?


  3. nic, Bubble is - it's a crafting site (based in the UK) where all sorts of crafters talk and share their wips and dilemmas. It's a great board, very friendly and really helpful and supportive. Sign up is easy and then just jump on in and chat away. The stitching diary threads are on the Cross Stitching Forum. :-)

    ssk - thanks *blush*

  4. It looks great. Your stitching is lovely. I wanted to stitch this one but just couldn't go past Fragile Heart by Hannah Lynn. So I will enjoy it through your work. Good luck with the SAL I know you will finish your goal.