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Thursday, 21 October 2010

My charming Charmer

I made a start on Dragon Charmer last night, just less than a hundred stitches but a start nonetheless. I am still waiting on most of my threads but I had the ones in the first block, less three colours. I have managed to do almost all of the gridding - the rest of it can wait until I have five minutes when the kids are quiet enough to do something, but not quiet enough to sit and stitch!

I have to say, already I am loving this and I am desperate to get on with it! The colours are great and parking seems to be working a treat. I say that now, but this is pretty confetti light at the moment lol! I am looking forward to seeing how this column turns out. I should be able to get a whole night's stitching in tonight which is great because I won't get any stitchy time tomorrow night or Sunday.

Don't you just hate it when your social life interferes with your stitching! :-D


  1. O I love this one so much... maybe I make her to someday. some pics nearby???

  2. you said that dreaded word parking, scares me there would be no way i would attempt that i would get the threads all tangled, forget which colour is which, yes i will admire form afar lol

  3. I'll look forward to seeing the WIPs and hope the postie turns up with your threads.
    O and yes I agree sometimes having a social life is a right pain.

  4. I hope to get a picture up soon - there isn't very much to see at the moment lol!

    And the parking is going ok - I was very scared of it but now I've done it, it is definitely easier and quicker! Fingers crossed, no tangles so far :-)