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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Atchooooo !

Feeling a bit rubbish this week, even though I've had some nice stash turn up. I've had a cold and it's made my stitchy bug go to sleep :-( I haven't really stitched much at all. I just couldn't face any of HAEDs so as well as the snowman cushion, I've stitched up the owl cushion for DD3 ready for Christmas. I couldn't decide which HAED to rotate back to, so I went for FF88 as she is relatively new and I can practise parking on her.

I also got my new floorstand this week. I sold my Needleneeds and four frames to my sister - she is an on and off stitcher and has decided she wants to get back into it - and I got a Lowery instead. I really wanted the Lowery in the first place but the cost put me off. I should have bought it as I lost about £90 on what I had paid for the Needleneeds stuff. Ah well, you live and learn! Anyhow, I really love the Lowery. It is much less obtrusive and holds my Q-Snaps a treat. What I like best is that it brings my work really close to me but I can still curl my feet up on the sofa, which I couldn't do before. And, if I want to get up, I don't have to slide out from behind the stand, I just loosen it off and it moves away. Great!

I got an 11x11 Q-Snap too, for Vanity. And I've ordered a grimeguard and also the extension pack. I think I only have two more sizes to get and I'll have the full set.

HAED have a sale this week. I am very tempted to pick up the two charts on my must have list but I really shouldn't! One is Dragon Charmer by Wall - eek am I mad, another Wall! The other is QS Tag Alongs by Hannah Lynn - it's got some really cute baby penguins in it so DD2 would love it. The sale doesn't finish until the end of the month so I've got plenty of time to decide. And you never know, there might be some really nice new releases ....... :-D

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