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Monday, 18 October 2010

I gave in (again)!

The HAED sale was just too tempting lol! I caved and bought Dragon Charmer by Josephine Wall. Another Wall, I must be crazy :-D I just couldn't resist her, I love her tattoos, the stars, the colours and the dragon .. and .. and .. and !! Here she is:

Josephine Wall: Dragon Charmer (c) HAED

She is going to be a new start (uh oh). I have the perfect piece of fabby for her, a really nice blue 28ct Jobelan. I'm going to print out the floss list in a minute and put an order in with Donna. Then I just need to grid and, fingers crossed, I can make a start. I hoping all of the pretty colours will cheer me up and help to chase my winter blues away! I think I might put Vanity onto a SWIP as I have been feeling pretty uninspired by her at the moment, poor Vanity :-(

Those HAED sales really are lethal!

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  1. She is really beautiful, I've had her for a while now but don't know if I'll ever get round to stitching her though. I know what you mean about the sales being lethal as the charts are just too beautiful to resist... I desperately want Winged Companions (Stokes) at the moment but am able to resist due to the fact that I have no disposable cash at the moment which is lucky in a way I guess.

    I'm sure you will do a fabulous job with her!