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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ta da!! The travelling pattern is ready to move on :-)

At long last ... I have stitched the travelling pattern!!!!!! Now c'mon, don't faint - I really have done it!  Here's a little bit:

And here it is finished!  For some reason, the colour of the fabric has been totally lost in photographing, it's a pretty pale lime hand-dyed but it looks a patchy grey to me here :-(  I've stitched this one over one on 28ct with Carrie's Creations hand-dyed thread in Berry Blast.  I really like the way it has turned out :-)

So, the pattern now travels on - after a slightly longer than anticipated stopover in frosty Oxfordshire. 

If you would like to receive the pattern next, please leave a comment below and I will draw the winner next Wednesday which is the 25th of January.  You should note that if you would like to be part of the travelling pattern there are a few rules:

  1. You must have a blog. 
  2. Comment on this post only, saying you would like to be part of the Stitcherhood.
  3. You must have an active blog to participate, if you have a blog but never post on it you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher. 
  4. The stitcher who will receive the travelling pattern must stitch it (within an acceptable time frame) finish it and display the finished piece for all to see.
  5. Then the stitcher must offer up the traveling pattern for another stitcher to use and it will be off on its travels again.
Finally, as I have had the pattern soooo long and I feel ever so slightly guilty, I am adding a little giveway to the winner :-) You will also receive a RAK of your favourite Heaven and Earth Designs QS or SK.  Or if HAEDs don't float your boat, then a voucher for an online needlework store.

Happy stitching everyone, and good luck!

PS  Please feel free to tell your followers about the pattern and the giveaway!


  1. Jo That's gorgeous. I love the sentiment. I'd love to be in the running for the next destination of the traveling chart, so please can you count me in for the stitcherhood. Thank you. x

  2. Just incase you need my blog link here it is...

  3. woww it is looking so lovely..
    a big well done deary..
    hugs cucki xx

  4. It looks great, I love it!
    I'm so pleased that you stitched it as Cucki would have come to "sort me out" otherwise!!

  5. Love the colours you picked :D I would love a chance on it... I love the pattern and it's just perfect for a travelling pattern :D


  6. It's lovely Jo, I'll count myself out though I haven't posted on my blog in ages certainly not since Cameron arrived. I haven't picked up a needle since I went into labour on the 24th November.

  7. I'm going to pass on the traveling pattern, but I want to say that it looks awesome!!! Love the colors. :D

  8. Such a cute pattern! Count me in please...

  9. Love it Jo! Count me in =) x

  10. Wow, I nearly missed out! Please count me in too - I think the TP needs a trip to Australia :)

    Love colours you chose.

  11. those colors look amazing! :) congrats on your finish!