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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just had to post today ...

.... because it's leap year :-)  

Anyway, I am way overdue an update - life has been rather tough lately what with one thing and another.  But all through it I have had my stitching as a constant, reassuring, presence.  It can't say anything to comfort me, it can't hold me when I feel down but it is still my friend - it is always there when I need it.  

So throwing myself into my stitching I have finally managed to complete the first page of A Princess is Born by Hannah Lynn.  I love the colours in this one so much, but the blardy confetti was an absolute pig!  I've moved on to the next page now and it's not quite as bad so I am hoping that it won't take me the six weeks page one took.  Yes, six weeks!! I can normally get a page done in two weeks max!

Next up is Tranquility (The Vintage Angel).  On to page two with this one, but I have to admit the blue got a bit much.  It will make a nice change from the confetti of Princess so I have a feeling I will be going back to this one soon!

Sadly neglected at the moment but one that really needs to be completed, is my page on the Chelsea Project of Chelsea's Gift (Hannah Lynn).  Not really that much to do but I didn't park on it, and it's driving me crazy squeezing all those odds stitches in!

Finally, is Mini Masquerade (Sessler).  Another confetti mess but so nice to have a limited palate of colours, you definitely don't spend so long finding the next thread you need!  Despite it being a mini, I really think that it has lost none of it's detail.  I am really pleased with the way it is turning out.

I've realised that I have been totally unrealistic with my stitching goals this year - it's nearly March already and I am seriously behind.  I have discovered also that I don't like stitching to deadlines! So, I have decided that I am going to drop the HAED SAL piece, Bookend Kitty.  It's cute and I love it but I really can't get in to it at the moment.  Maybe I might get back in to it later in the year? Who knows, but for the moment, it's coming out of the workbasket.


  1. They all look beautiful Jo, I must confess to not having done anything on my HAED in a year now. I admire all those works of art you will have. x

  2. Wow they are all amazing! I don't think I'd have the patience!! I'm more of a quick fix girl myself, lol!! Beautiful. Laura x

  3. They are all wonderful, well done. Your stitching so fab.

  4. Wow!!! They all look stunning, Jo!!!! :D

  5. Beautiful projects, all of them. Confetti stitches can be quite a pain though.


  6. Wow, so many lovely projects and so much progress =)
    I can't says which one I love most =)

  7. OMG what stunning wips you have there! They are all amazing. The Sessler looks great and I agree I don't think you have lost much if any detail doing the mini. The blues on Tranquility lives up to the title ~ very lovely. Beautiful work I hope to see more soon, happy stitching!
    Alicia xo

  8. Your stitching is amazing! I am awarding you Liebster Blog Award! Check out the rule on my stitching blog