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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trying to get back in the blogging groove ...

I've been in a bit of a blogging blackspot for a while now so, finding inspiration from my fellow stitcher and blogger Kerry, I am going to try and answer one stitchy related question a day and what better day to start than the first of a month?  Thanks to Kerry for the questions - you can find her fabulous blog here and if you want to know what other questions there are, you can check them out in the "Coming Soon" section of my blog.

Although I may not have been blogging, I have been stitching, and got a page finish on Tranquility which I am very excited about.  It took me exactly four weeks - not bad considering that the little bit of butterfly was a confetti nightmare!  Still, it was mostly lots and lots of blue - disappointingly I haven't been able to spot the butterfly shapes that are apparent in the background of the original art. Perhaps they will become more visable as I move through the next page.

I've been having issues with iPhoto and can't get photos from my camera to my lappy which is frustrating to say the least.  I shouldn't complain as this is the first problem I've ever had with my Mac - perhaps Mr Jobs is having the last word ;-) RIP - such a cool guy.

So, here is a picture but it was taken on my iPhone so you will have to excuse the quality :-(

I have moved on to page 2 which is lots more blue and a whole butterfly this time.  I'm hoping to get through it quickly because I want to get to her face on page 3!

Finally, today's question of the day :-)

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

It was actually my first start and my first finish (I obviously was a lot more disciplined then lol) a Country Companions kit of Tom Mouse and he wore a stripey jumper and wellies.  Luckily it was lots of blocks of colour and I stitched it as a present for my Nan.  I framed it (very badly) and it hung on her wall until she died and I think one of my cousins has it now.  If I looked hard enough I could probably still find the chart in my stash!


  1. Great progress on your HAED. I can see the butterfly!! It's so pretty!!

    As for my first stitched piece, hmmm, I think it was a Precious Moments mouse or something like that back when I was nine. My mom had bought me a PM booklet so I stitched various designs from there and gave them to family members for gifts.

  2. Hey Jo, Tranquility looks great so far the wing has some lovely detail. Glad you decided to use the questions. x

  3. Great work Jo and pic looks fab!

    First finish was a freebie kit from WOXS (Somebunny To Love).

  4. Lovely colours and I can imagine the butterfly was a confetti nightmare as the detail is great! Beautiful work!

    Same as you my first finished piece was also my first start. But then again I was only 11 years old and mum let me go to cross stitch classes. So you were only allowed one project at a time. It was a field mouse on a yellow flower. My dad framed it for me but I have no idea where it is!!
    xo Alicia

  5. Awww it's lovely! I love the colors and the butterfly looks just magical!

    My first project was a little wizard with a book in front of him and a giant full moon behind him. Made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot, but he was awesome and thus my addiction began.

  6. Great progress. I love the blues in this. So..... tranquil, hehehehe.

    My first project... hmm.... it was a cottage scene with flowers in the foreground. I actually stitched 2 of those. One of me and one for my aunt.