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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Not feeling quite so guilty now ..

... that I have at last made a start on the SAL Curl Up piece :-) I've managed to get in just over a thousand stitches and despite the numerous colour changes, I am enjoying stitching him and wish that I had started him sooner!

After plugging away for a couple of hours with brown, brown and brown I was starting to get a little - shall we say - annoyed. But then I pushed my frame away and lo! there were all the little details that you really just don't see up close and yes, all of a sudden all that work was soooo worth it. Here is progress after the May 2011 SAL week:

SAL Curl Up with a Good Book
(c) Spangler and HAED

He's a bit messy with my parked threads everywhere but you can see the detail coming out in the book. You wouldn't believe the colours in the decanter - pink purple green and more!

Anyway, I've decided to carry on with him for a bit and try and catch up. I've got the first three pages to work on and I don't think page 4 will come until July so I've got a bit of time ... I'll see how it goes.


  1. it looks fantastic , i love the colors !!

  2. must regularly "Step away from the frame!!" and see the overall effect, rather than stitch by stitch - like looking very close at a TV and only seeing the pixels...!! Happy stitching from Australia

  3. Fantastic work!
    I sometimes thing it's annoying to stitch the same colors all the time, but in the end it is really worth it :) You will surely catch up with the sal :)