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Saturday, 16 April 2011

At last!

.. the gorgeous Ophelia by JBG has been released! I requested her a while ago (it seems like forever) and yesterday she arrived. And during sale time too! :-D Needless to say, she jumped straight into my basket, I think within 10 minutes of her hitting the HAED site lol.

Now I am just debating fabric choices for her. I did think I might try 32ct but my common sense eventually kicked in and I think I will stick with the 28ct. My coverage is great on 28ct, except for the usual black. There are occasional spots of fabby showing through. Not too bad in small patches, but Ophelia has 47,088 stitches in black, and a fair few of those are on the first page which is almost entirely black! I usually stitch on bone jobelan, but this time I am thinking something slightly darker like tan or english rose or prairie grain. Hopefully with a slightly darker fabby behind any show through will be less noticable.

Back to my current wip, FF150. This is the supercute JBG HAED released for their Japan fundraiser. Here she is 5 columns done, so just over half a page. I wouldn't normally post until I had a complete page, but it's been a while!

FF150 as at 15 April 2011

Don't you just love that eye? JBG always does good eye!


  1. Ophelia is absolutely gorgeous! your remarks about the colour of the fabric for black areas are just in time: I've bought Waterlily and she has full areas of black, and black, and black. so thank you! :)

  2. Your FOF 150 looks amazing. I really like watching other HAED's coming together. Keep up the great work.

  3. How many strands do you use on 28ct? I'm trialling the use of HDF's (hand dyed fibers) for black only. It's a silk thread and thicker than DMC. So when alot of black stitching is required there is very little if at all fabric show through.

    Ophelia is beautiful, I love JBG's art. Will really enjoy watching your progress on her.

    Alicia xo

  4. Ophelia is just gorgeous and the progress you have already made with her is amazing! Keep it up :)

  5. Princess - just the one strand. Even though my tension is quite tight I don't think I'd get two threads through! Let me know how the silks go!