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Thursday, 10 February 2011

ooops I did it again ...

HAED have a sale! And I've added to my stash again!
First, I bought Early Visit by Rachael Tallamy. Not an artist that I have looked at before, but this one popped up on the review on the HAED site, and I just loved it. She looks so chilled out! I think she will be my next BAP start - which has been taken into account in my goals for the year - so she is guilt free! lol I've already ordered some fabby - my usual 28ct jobelan, this time in wood lilac - from sewandso and I'll check my threads later and then order the rest with Donna.

Early Visit by Rachael Tallamy (c) HAED

Second up, Faces of Faery 141. Another JBG :-) This one is just too cute! And one that I have been waiting for. Safely in the stash ;-)

Faces of Faery 141 by JBG (c) HAED

I'm still working on Porthole 1, I'm now about halfway through the fourth page, so well over halfway. I will have to try and resist starting Early Visit until Porthole is done!


  1. Wow, great stash! I really love the new JBG face too.

  2. It's nice to see someone else who accidently slips and presses the buy button, I thought that it was just me.
    I saw your RAK for that you did for Gizzimo (just the sweetest thing to do), and I was wondering, how do you do it, how you you find if a person has a wishlist or a specific wishlist?

  3. demeter - you just need their email address. As long as you have that, you can find their wishlist on the HAED website and/or you can email the rak to them :-D