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Monday, 19 July 2010

Don't you just hate it when ...

life gets in the way of your stitching? Well, that's how it has been this week and I've barely stitched poor Aurora. Instead I've seen Eclipse and I've also read the Twilight novella both of which were good. It's been a mad last week of the school term with stuff going on every day and I've had a great weekend in London seeing a show and shopping my socks off!

But, on the downside, I have totally lost my stitchy bug, I can't believe it :-( I've only managed 4 hours stitching this week and now I should be moving on to Alice again but I just can't summon up any enthusiasm at all. I've done so little stitching on Aurora it really isn't worth taking a picture!

Alice is still sat in my stitching bag, it's late and there is no chance of stitching tonight. Hopefully if it get her all set back up on the frame I'll find my bug again. I've got two weeks stitching on her until the next stitchalong, and back to Sunny again, so hopefully that wandering bug will be back soon.

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