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Friday, 6 August 2010


I've made a start! Vanity was started on 1 August and so far I have put 2300 stitches into her. Not even 1% yet! Most of those stitches were the same purple. About 50 were another, lighter, shade of purple but not that different that you can see the two. I've got two pictures, one close up showing what I have done so far. The other is for scale, so you can see the whole piece of fabby with my small amount of stitches at the top lol!

2300 stitches done!

Not that much to see!

I have loved stitching this, and am pleased that my bars have now arrived for my Needleneeds frame. I can't wait to stitch on her again but it's back to Sunny again now for the SAL week on the HAED Bulletin Board. I have to say that after all that purple I am quite looking forward to the confetti stitches of the flower on Sunny's hat!